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How to extend the service life of electric vehicle batteries?
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  • Although there are a lot of electric vehicle battery businesses inform the battery life is very long, but truly "batteries end" of the few, mostly in one or two years is the longest in three years to be scrapped, so many users not only waste of money but also sad. So, how can we extend the service life of electric vehicle batteries? The following horse electric bicycle for your summary of the three major skills, can help everyone solve this problem.
    Skills one, maintenance when charging
    The battery in the charging time must pay attention to the time, not a full two days, so do not let the capacitance increases, will only make the battery scrap, also do not charge a pull down, can occasionally, but many times, will definitely make your battery capacity is reduced, so it is best for eight hours or so, discharge after recharging, ensure the normal use of circulation.
    In addition, as much as possible to ensure that the number of charging not too much. The electric vehicle battery slightly know people know, the more the number of red cells, means that life is shorter, the average number of charging a battery in about three hundred times, which is about two years, if frequent charging, it will run out soon, naturally in less than two years.
    Skills two, maintenance of installation time
    When the battery on electric vehicles, attention must be handled stably, not collision, do not put a leading position in the process of moving docking, that will allow the battery to have a big shock, resulting in damage to the battery.
    Not only that, a lot of people used to battery charger into the basket, so that no power at any charge, this approach is wrong, will cause the fast charging damage, the best is full of eight hours in the night, to ensure the adequate power.
    Skills three, maintenance during driving
    1, less sudden brake
    Frequent braking will consume a lot of electricity, and it will damage the battery, so it is better to brake less. In the process of driving to maintain uniform speed, do not ride the speed of electric vehicles riding motorcycles, which not only hurt the battery, the electric car itself is also a great harm.
    2, charge less than fifty percent
    Thirty percent is the bottom line, fifty percent is a just bottom line. In the transport process, if it is found that the battery is less than fifty percent, then the best immediately charge, don't wait until then once again after charging, that often leads to excessive discharge, and damage the battery, reduce the battery life.

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