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Craftsman spirit polishes
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  • Encourage enterprises to carry out personalized customization, flexible production, cultivate the spirit of excellence craftsman, increase varieties, improve quality, create brand. Government work report in 2016
    "Craftsman spirit" is a primitive vocabulary. It appeared in the government work report for the first time, and it is refreshing.
    What is "craftsman spirit"? Different people have different interpretations, but nothing more than the "excellence, the ultimate focus, strict in demands" connotation, and to achieve this level, will need to be able to endure loneliness, stand the temptation to overcome difficulties".
    This year the national NPC and CPPCC period, some deputies and members believe that the lack of "China enterprise artisan spirit", the main reason is Chinese industrialization started late, in the process of industrial development over the pursuit of speed, thus falling into a fickle state, a lot of people are in pursuit of more and faster, better and cheaper, the pursuit of the night instead, down-to-earth and excellence.
    In the eyes of entrepreneurs, China in the road from a manufacturing country to a manufacturing power, the pursuit of excellence, the pursuit of excellence "craftsman spirit" is the whole society must be completed "short board"".
    Dong Mingzhu's dinner"
    NPC and CPPCC period, GREE Group Chairman Dong Mingzhu held a court at the Capital Hotel chaoheng create new styles "dinner": please enjoy 4 spoonfuls of Steamed Rice, "blind test", the Steamed Rice win the domestic rice cooker to cook the.
    According to reports, this homemade rice cooker, hundreds of people team conducted thousands of experiments crystallization, each technical details are condensed "craftsman spirit" gene. Of course, this kind of rice cooker is made by GREE". Objectively speaking, this is a "dinner" is more like a marketing show, but the "dinner" behind the reflection of Chinese outbound shopping is hot.
    Dong Mingzhu said that the problems faced by Chinese manufacturing make her feel pressure, "consumers to buy rice cookers in Japan stung me.". I don't think there's any reason why China can't do well in electric cookers."
    After decades of development, China has already become the largest manufacturing country. "Made in China" can be seen everywhere, but the impression seems to be low-end products and cheap products. Ministry of commerce data show that in 2015, China's overseas consumption of 1 trillion and 500 billion yuan, of which at least 700 billion to 800 billion yuan for shopping.
    In Dong Mingzhu's dinner, there was a little fun. The well-known financial media people Wu Xiaobo said Japan commodity design is very intimate, that product is specially cut meat, Dong Mingzhu immediately said: "we have a new technology, minus 5 degrees is not frozen meat, cut out directly!" All of us laughed.
    Dong Mingzhu said, "rice cooker and toilet lid is not a complex technology, why consumers are willing to buy abroad?" It is because in the past some enterprises in pursuit of short-term interests, not good, to deceive the consumer, so that consumers doubt on product quality and reputation, and even affect the entire industry, the industry's image.
    At present, China's manufacturing is shaping its own high-end competitiveness. Dong Mingzhu believes that "craftsman spirit" shaping will promote China's manufacturing industry to achieve a qualitative leap. The "craftsman spirit" put forward by the government work report this year is the concept of fine management and quality manufacturing in the era of big industry. For enterprises, the whole process of product production should be perfect.
    Beautiful rice map"
    For two consecutive years, Yuan Liqun, vice president of Midea Group, talked about a bowl of rice at the two sessions of the country.
    Last year, Yuan Liqun said, the United States on a number of occasions, please cook to eat, to prove their own rice cooker with rice cooker cook delicious electric nissan.
    This year, she told the story more detailed, in order to study the high-end rice cookers comparable to Japanese products, the technical staff of the United States spent two tons of rice a year, continue to try. She wanted to cook this bowl of Steamed Rice Pan-Fried Meat Dumplings "and the ingenuity" label.
    "Midea" production of rice cooker business department, every year to spend 1 million 100 thousand yuan to buy Chinese consumers of all kinds of rice category, do a variety of tests." Yuan Liqun said.
    Yuan Liqun told a story.
    A worker named Zhao Guoyao, in the United States in 12 years, Zhao Guoyao has been in and electric cooker, induction cooker, pressure cooker, air fryer and kitchen appliances. The most familiar to him is the rice cooker. His mobile phone stores a "rice map", clearly mark the different countries, different regions and different rice species characteristics, different water content, taste, cooking method is different, with these different kinds of rice.
    We have a year to make 110 thousand copies of the data, at least 110 thousand pot Steamed Rice, light development, quality testing is to use 70 tons of Steamed Rice; in order to study the Steamed Rice taste, we will go to the remote mountainous areas really do firewood meal temperature change, feel the meters, fire fire size, we have the independent laboratory at the Yunnan Guizhou Plateau, Northeast China plain. Of course, the food is not wasted, in different areas of the laboratory, the test has become lunch, dinner, we are a group of crazy "cook husband"." Zhao Guoyao said.
    "The craftsman spirit is first mentioned in this year's government work report, which is encouraging." Yuan Liqun said, many people think that the craftsman is a mechanical duplication of workers, in fact, craftsmen have a more profound meaning. It represents the temperament of an era, firm, steadfast, and strive for perfection.
    Yuan Liqun believes that the manufacturing industry is the pillar industry Chinese advantage, but also China economy, extensive China traditional manufacturing enterprise growth pattern has demand for personalized, customized services be inopportune or inappropriate, growing consumer, consumer behavior

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