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Electric car purchase guide to buy electric vehicles should pay attention to what?
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  • Electric vehicle has become an indispensable means of transportation in people's lives, mainly electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, electric tricycles, etc.. The electric car is not only green, and flexible, provides convenience for people's life and work trip, but a lot of friends in the purchase of electric vehicles daze, what kind of electric cars, electric cars to see how bad? How to guard against theft of electric vehicles? Danielle today for everyone to solve these problems of electric vehicles.
    1. look at the main configuration of electric vehicles
    The key to improve the intrinsic quality of electric vehicle is: motor, controller, charger, battery. The quality of the four pieces and the adaptability of the four parts are crucial to the improvement of the performance of the electric vehicle. Because the battery, motor, charger, controller four pieces of each have the best optimal operating parameters, so when choosing four pieces, also need to pay attention to the four pieces of the best fit between the parameters. Only the best fit can make the four pieces work very well. Extend the service life of the battery, thereby improving the performance of the vehicle.
    A. motor: in addition to light electric tricycle selection of electric wheel hub, the main choice is the small power DC series motor. Have stronger overload ability, product is mature.
    B. controller: configure the speed control handle (or speed pedal) controller, so that the motor speed control is handy, that is, speed can be adjusted at the will of the driver. The controller also has many auxiliary functions: current limiting protection, under voltage protection, soft start function, anti runaway function, fault self diagnosis function, etc.. All of these ancillary functions are not available to all the governors on the market. Consumers should pay special attention to the purchase.
    C. charger: the main function is to charge the battery, convert AC to DC, and control its current and voltage into the battery storage. In the premise of not affecting the battery life, mainly by the manufacturers configuration to achieve the best charging effect.
    D. battery capacity: for a group of 36V/12Ah's new battery mileage is about 50 km, generally the longest distance is about 35 kilometers a day riding suitable (due to traffic conditions affect the actual mileage), every day riding the longest distance of more than 50 kilometers, has to be considered within one day the two time interval may not charge.
    2. look at the details of electric cars
    A. first select the quality of the appearance of the car, mainly to see whether the trademark, decals are intact, paint, electroplating parts, plastic parts, aluminum alloy surface quality is satisfied.
    B. check the quality of vehicle assembly, it should be: A. all kinds of screws tightened in place, not loose. B. handle, wheels, chain, crank and pedals should turn round rim should be flexible, fast, small circular runout. C. handlebar, saddle, mud board, hanger, bracket should be installed right or left and right symmetry, can not have obvious deviation.
    C. switch key and lock the battery to try the electric door lock, lock, lock the battery should be a key universal toolbox most convenient.
    D. turn on the switch, turn the hand speed, stepless speed check and brake (brake) power and braking effect, and check the motor operation is stable, sound is normal.
    E. tries to ride through the car to experience the vehicle performance and decide whether to buy or not. If the problem is solved, if it can not be solved, a new car can be put forward.
    Finally, F. will invoice, certificate, manual, charger, three packs of cards, even, and proper preservation.

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