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Electric car manufacturers tell you: electric cars how to guard against theft?
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  • 1. choose parking place. When parking parked in the shed, not the electric car park in the stream or the less lonely place. If there is no shed, then try to electric vehicles parked at the bank, district or store. Because of all the security guards, salesmen or cameras, thieves are less likely to commit crimes.
    2. lock selection is exquisite. In the lock of choice, try to pick a keyhole to the lock ring or arc, and try to buy brand locks. In addition, to install a tire lock, because the choice of the crime of electric cars, almost all did not tire lock.
    3. install burglar alarm. This is also an effective means of anti-theft. When you go out temporarily parking electric cars, try to park in your own line of sight. Lock as much as possible to lock the car with the ground, fixed objects together, in case of theft.
    4. battery installed anti-theft lock. Batteries are the most valuable parts of electric bicycles, so many thieves are particularly optimistic about the battery. Therefore, with battery anti-theft lock, increase the thief theft difficulty.
    5. choose anti-theft electric car. Selection of high performance and safety anti-theft electric vehicle.

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